Recently Showcased

C.A.N. has showcased start-ups from a range of industries through its pitch events.  Below is a selection of start-ups who have presented recently.

Flux delivers dynamic advertising campaigns to digital billboards based on real-time data (e.g., traffic, weather, etc.) enabling brands and screen owners to optimise advertising space.

Headliner is an online booking platform that helps easily find and book musical entertainment for various events including weddings, celebrations and corporate events.

Kallikids is a Trip Advisor for kids, and helps parents find quality recommended activities and services for their children.

Maadly is a mobile social engagement platform offering a safe and self-policed environment for users seeking new friends while earning Karma scores based on shared content.

Teragence is a platform for mobile operators to benchmark the quality of their customers' mobile connections enabling them to address customer churn and retention.

WealthKernel is a B2B digital offering for wealth management companies to deliver cost-efficient investment services for the mass affluent.

Following Our Entrepreneurs

Valueform was featured by SME publication Real Business in 2015 discussing how C.A.N. helped the company through valued advice and funding.  Read more here.

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